United States Worst Prisons

To cope with the influx of prisoners, a new generation of penitentiaries has emerged. Objective: monitor as many prisoners as possible with a minimum of personnel. Entirely glazed cells, filmed 24 hours a day: the prisoners are almost never in contact with their guards and no longer have any privacy. Even the visiting rooms with the families are done by interposed videos. Are these methods effective, especially against gang members who make up 60% of the prison population?

00:00 Extreme prisons
4:37 Largest number of prisoners in the world
6:22 Orange County Jail
12:37 Cameras everywhere
14:35 The anti-gang unit
18:00 The search in the dormitory
26:00 Prisoners‘ recreation
29:35 Hagerstown High Security Prison
30:12 Bill sentenced to life for murder
33:05 Sentenced to 25 years for drug trafficking
35:01 Keth is serving a 70 year sentence
38:44 Checking prisoners‘ mail
41:10 Women’s neighborhood
45:50 Prisoners and their visitors


Today, 3,000 inmates are waiting on death row. Bernard de La Villardière traveled to Florida for an exceptional interview with one of them, Anthony Mungin, convicted of murder. So far, only 17 US states have abolished the death penalty.

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