Animals Like Us – Animal Emotions

26. August 2022 0

For many years, scientists thought that animals were incapable of having emotions; they were merely living robots – biological machines ruled simply by urges, instincts […]

Leopard Seals: Lords of the Ice

19. August 2022 0

00:00 Who are these ferocious predators of the Antarctic continent that kill each year thousands of penguins and leave some injured birds behind to the […]

Phoenix Temple – Life On Fire

7. Juli 2022 0

Around the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua, life has struggled for thousands of years to re-emerge from the ashes. Underground, vampire and other bat species have […]

Ash Runners – Life On Fire

24. Juni 2022 0

On the volcanic island of New-Britain off the coast of Papua New Guinea, a handful of animals have learned to live with the Earth’s moods. […]

Slow motion shots of magma

9. Oktober 2021 Anton 0

Endless eruptions of lava for millions of years in India Follow us on social media : Facebook :

Encounter with an orca

6. September 2021 Anton 0

A wildlife cameraman gets a close encounter with orcas. Although they have never been known to attack humans, he can’t keep but wonder : what […]

3 billion years ago, DNA was born.

29. November 2020 Anton 0

The first primitive organisms were born in the underwater volcanic hotspots Follow us on social media : Facebook :

Beached Whales

17. November 2020 Anton 0

Watch this Orca free itself from swimming too close to shore Follow us on social media : Facebook :

358 Million Years Ago

14. November 2020 Anton 0

Giant insects thrived in the swamps of the carboniferous period. Follow us on social media : Facebook :

Killer whales scavenging the seas

10. November 2020 Anton 0

This minke whale becomes an opportunistic meal for this pod of orcas Follow us on social media : Facebook :

Asteroid Rush

1. November 2020 Anton 0

We don’t need a galaxy far, far away or make believe aliens from a distant universe. In our solar system, we are currently living the […]

Hummingbirds in Slow Mo

22. April 2020 0

Dust in the wind ? just a curiosity of pure beauty and vivid colors: hummingbirds of Costa Rica reveal secrets of their biology thanks to […]

Lioness Vs Bull

25. März 2020 0

Lioness Vs Bull- and then looses her pray to male lion scavengers. Watch full documentary: Lioness in Exile Follow us on social media : Facebook […]

Chinstrap penguins first swim

20. Februar 2020 Anton 0

Chick chinstrap penguins learn to swim in seal infested waters. Watch the full documentary :Penguin Baywatch (Wildlife Documentary) Producers : Saint Thomas Productions, ARTE Directors […]

Sperm Whale Vs giant squid

10. Februar 2020 0

Sperm whale Vs giant squid: clash of the titans revealed Director : Bertrand LOYER – Follow us on social media : Facebook :

See inside a Killer Whale

15. Januar 2020 Anton 0

Thanks to CGI we can see inside an Orca with X-ray vision: Skeletal, Endocrine & Muscular systems Director : Bertrand LOYER – Follow us on […]

Sperm whales 360° 4K

20. Dezember 2019 0

Swim with sperm whales 360° – Move your phone to look around underwater, or simply use your finger to scroll around your screen in 360 […]

Animals Like Us – Animal Emotions

17. Dezember 2018 0

The study of animal behavior leaves little room for emotional-related explanations. Feelings in animals tend to be presented as functional explanations of behavior in a […]

Monitor Lizard vs Croc

17. Oktober 2017 Anton 0

Full documentary here ‚Conflicts Of Nature : Conflicts In A River Documentary)) – Follow us on social media : Facebook :

Insekten aus der Nähe

26. Januar 2014 0

Insekten sind die artenreichste Klasse der Gliederfüßer und zugleich die artenreichste Klasse der Tiere überhaupt. Mindestens 80 Prozent der bekannten Tierarten, also weit über einer […]