Deadliest Journeys – Ethiopia

25. Dezember 2020 Anton 0

Ethiopia is among the hardest-hit countries in terms of deadly traffic accidents. Trains and trucks circulate along infrastructure from another age. For trucks in the […]

Deadliest Journeys – Argentina

24. Dezember 2020 0

From the borders of the Andes Mountains to the jungle in south Buenos Aires, “It’s make… or break” in this new Deadliest Journeys, where we […]

Deadliest Journeys – India

31. Oktober 2019 0

The focus is on perilous coal-route roads in India. Included: how truckers navigate the deadly passes while trying to evade bandits and angry villagers. – […]

Deadliest Journeys – Java Volcano

26. April 2019 0

Dodging landslides in Tajikistan. Crossing bridges that could collapse at any moment in Madagascar. Battling mountain monkeys in Guyana. Journeying on icy, mountainous roads in […]

Putin’s Little Soldiers

29. März 2019 Anton 0

For more than four years Vladimir Putin has sponsored a special program for the young, a “patriotic education”. He has authorised the spending of millions […]

Animals Like Us – Animal Emotions

17. Dezember 2018 0

The study of animal behavior leaves little room for emotional-related explanations. Feelings in animals tend to be presented as functional explanations of behavior in a […]