Law of the Timber (1941) Crime, Drama, Romance Full Length Film

TIMBER FIRE! Flaming forest Giants crash to their doom…as a mystery killer counts his victims.
The H&L Lumber Company headed by Henry Lorimer and his daughter „Perry“, receives a huge national defense order, and prepares to cut the dangerous Antler Valley tract. Eastern dude John Gordon applies for a lumberjack’s job and Lorimer hires him. Soon, a series of accidents occur, topped by a forest fire of unknown origin, in which Lorimer is killed. Perry decides to carry on in her father’s place, despite the objections of camp manager Barnes, who covets the company.

Director: Bernard B. Ray
Writers: James Oliver Curwood (story „The Speck on the Wall“), Jack Natteford
Stars: Marjorie Reynolds, Monte Blue, J. Farrell MacDonald
Genres: Crime | Drama | Romance | Western

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