Hitler and the Lords of Evil

Portrait, based on colorized archives, of Adolf Hitler and the men around him, responsible for the success of the Nazi Party and the Final Solution
Director: Fabien Vinçon

00:00 Hitler and his entourage
04:25 Hitler this stranger
06:28 Hermann Goering, the ogre
11:25 Joseph Goebbels, the strategy of hatred
15:35 Heinrich Himmler, the assassin of the century
21:42 Burnings of 1933 in Germany
28:58 Albert Speer, the architect of the 3rd Reich
34:16 SA vs. SS
35:53 A racist society
38:58 Hitler prepares Nazi Germany for war
45:07 Looting: The Nazis are in Paris
47:35 Einsatzgruppen
49:39 The final solution
52:21 Rudolf Hess, the executioner of Auschwitz
57:36 Josef Mengele, the doctor of death
1:01:49 The first Nazi defeats on the Russian front
1:04:56 Secret weapons: V1 and V2 missiles
1:09:44 The propaganda of Joseph Goebbels
1:13:50 Operation Valkyrie, the assassination attempt on Hitler
1:17:17 On April 30, 1945, Hitler committed suicide
1:19:56 How Himmler managed to betray Hitler
1:22:00 Nuremberg Trial

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