Dictatorship, Paranoia, Famine: Welcome to North Korea!

It is the most closed country in the world, the last great communist, paranoid and aggressive dictatorship. In North Korea, nothing or almost nothing has changed since the creation of the country by Kim Il-Sung in 1953. 23 million North Koreans survive in absolute misery, without any freedom, prisoners of impassable borders. It is in this distressing universe that a group of French people have decided to spend their holidays. 8500 euros for three weeks is as expensive as a stay in the Seychelles. But for this price they will have to be satisfied with rationed food, hotels without comfort, outdated buses… Not to mention the permanent surveillance of threatening guides. Claude, Henri and Jacqueline will discover cities without cars, empty shops, casinos without money. They will have to submit to mandatory visits, propaganda and forced tributes to the eternal president of North Korea. An incredible journey, as North Korea prepares for the rise to power of Kim Jong-Un, grandson of the founder of the first communist dynasty in history.

00:00 Every stranger is a potential spy
01:35 North Korea, the most closed country in the world
06:32 North Korean amusement park
09:37 1953, Korea is officially divided in two
10:27 Korean Demilitarized Zone
13:35 The War Museum
15:02 In North Korea, we are rewriting history
19:13 An old air force fighter
19:37 Trophies, weapons taken from the enemy
20:26 Mural on the Battle of Seoul
21:22 Pyongyang, the capital of the communist regime
24:47 Kim Il-Sung, the local Stalin
27:38 The only pizzeria in the country
30:13 Pyongyang Embroidery Institute
32:23 The totalitarian regime
33:55 Model schools
38:48 The North Korean army
40:46 Mount Paektu
43:50 Kim Il-Sung’s birthplace
48:46 Ultra sensitive classified area

Director: Brisard JC; Spalaikovich A.

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