Deadliest Journeys – Guyana: The Lost World Convoys

Guyana is a forgotten and mysterious country. Wedged between Suriname, Venezuela and Brazil, South America’s only English-speaking state also remains one of the poorest and least populated on the continent. Anything can happen in this haunt of adventurers, cowboys and gold diggers. Outside of Georgetown, the seaside capital that looks like a colonial city, the rest of the land looks like a lost world. The Amazon rainforest covers everything, torn here and there by immense meandering rivers. Beyond the jungle: a vast savannah scorched by the sun in summer and invaded by water in the rainy season. Few people dare to venture inland. However, a handful of truck drivers take all the risks to supply food and gasoline to the gold mines and the few villages there. Aboard their Bedfords, those old English army trucks patched up a thousand times, they must tackle rutted tracks, traverse hostile jungle and brave torrents of mud. Their travels take them to some of the most isolated areas on the planet. Here, we do not count in kilometers, but in days spent on the road. And a simple breakdown can quickly have dramatic consequences …

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